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10 Tips For a Well-Groomed Horse

Monday, August 11th, 2014

horse and ameliaWhether you show your horse or just ride for fun, keep him well groomed takes some time if you want your horse to look his best. Here are 10 tips for a well-groomed horse:

  1. Buy good quality brushes and keep them clean.
  2. Don’t use your brushes on other horses. Fungal infections can be spread this way.
  3. Curry your horse every day to remove dust and other debris. Use a curry comb or grooming mitt.
  4. Select the right curry for the season. In the winter a shedding blade will help to remove hair as your horse sheds. In the summer select round rubber brushes and a soft curry brush for the face.
  5. Always brush the hair in the same direction that it grows.
  6. Pay close attention to hooves and pick them out daily.
  7. Treat hooves at least once a week with a lanolin- based conditioner.
  8. When brushing the mane and tail, start at the ends first. If you want it to grow use a dandy brush. Also, brush the upper part of the tailbone to increase blood flow and stimulate growth.
  9. Get a grooming mitt. They are perfect for wiping off dust and for applying fly spray.
  10. Treat tangles or knots with a detangler and detangle with your fingers. Don’t cut knots out or pull on tangles with a comb.