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Plant Your Seed Plots Now

Saturday, August 1st, 2015

planning_a_food_plot_062907-300x200Serious deer hunters know how beneficial food plots can be in the health and size of deer. An average adult deer will consume 6 pounds of feed per day. This means that one deer can be supported on roughly 22 acres. However, body size, health and antler size are going to be well under their potential because of the poor average protein content of the native vegetation. Deer need about 16% protein to express their potential, especially during fawn rearing and antler growth. 

Some would argue that supplemental feeding is enough.  But even if you do it right it is shown that no matter what you feed or how you feed it deer will only consume 20% to 25% of their diet from the supplemental feed. So you are not making a big enough impact on their nutritional intake.

J & N Feed and Seed has food plot seed mixes. Stop by and get ready to plant your seed plot today.