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J and N Feed and Seed in Graham, Texas

Talk to Us at J&N for All Your
Firearm Needs

Talk to Us at J&N for All Your
Firearm Needs

Talk To J&N For All Your
Firearm Needs





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  • Traeger Smoky Ham and Bean Soup

    Gently simmered, this ham-centric soup demands minimal attention, boasting big flavors with just a little hands-on time. Fire up your ...More
  • Planning Spring Pasture Management

    The arrival of spring presents a prime opportunity for farmers and livestock owners to improve the health of their pastures ...More
  • Traeger Roasted Broccoli Cheese Soup

    Put a tasty wood-fired twist on this comforting cheesy classic by roasting the broccoli on your Traeger for this Roasted ...More
  • Traeger Lasagna Soup

    If you like lasagna, you will love this Traeger lasagna soup, which takes much less time to make yet packs ...More
  • Planting Seed Potatoes

    Potatoes are a staple in many households across the world. They are versatile, tasty, and easy to cook. However, not ...More
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  • Welcome Message

    Farm and ranch supplies, pet foods and supplies, lawn and garden supplies, horse and tack supplies, hay, and animal health ...More
  • Fertilizer

    J & N Feed & Seed provides bulk fertilizer and spreaders.  Purchase bulk fertilizer from us and the spreaders are ...More
  • Hunting Blinds

    J & N Feed & Seed has fish feeders, deer feeders, deer blinds, and deer stands. We have the brands ...More
  • Specials

    Check in for our monthly specials! More
  • Fencing/Gates

    J & N Feed and Seed has gates, panels, feeders, stock tanks, chutes and livestock handling equipment for all your ...More
  • Lindner Show Feeds

    J&N Feed & Seed is now offering Lindner Pig feeds and supplements. Lindner Pig Feeds: Lindner 632 20% Grower/Finisher ...More
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  • Livestock

    We have livestock feeds for your chickens, goats, pigs, and sheep. We have supplies including feeders, waterers, chicken wire, heat ...More
  • Privacy Policy

    Privacy Policy set by J & N On our site we collect the following (only after your consent): Name Email ...More
  • Grills

    J & N Feed & Seed has grills! We have the brands you want like Traeger Woodpellet Grills, Blackstone Griddles, ...More
  • Wildlife Feeders

    Wildlife feeders from All Seasons Feeders, Monarch Hunting Products, Atascosa Wildlife Supply, and Boss Buck Feeders are available at J& ...More
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  • Wildlife Feeds

    J & N Feed and Seed has everything you need for wildlife & hunting. From supplies to feed, we have ...More
  • Wildlife Blinds

    J & N Feed & Seed has wildlife blinds, fish feeders, deer feeders, deer blinds, and stands. We have the ...More
  • Supplies

    J&N Feed & Seed is your hunting headquarters.  We have all the supplies you need including ammunition, shotgun ...More
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  • Pet Food & Supplies

    J & N Feed & Seed Offers the Pet Food and Supplies You Need To Keep Your Pet Healthy and ...More
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  • Gates & Panels

    J&N Feed & Seed has gates, panels, feeders, stock tanks, chutes, and livestock handling equipment for all your ...More
  • Pet Food Loyalty Program

    OUR LOYALTY PROGRAMS HELP YOU FEED YOUR PETS FOR LESS! J & N Feed & Seed is pleased to offer ...More
  • About

    Jim and Nadine Figg own and operate J&N Feed & Seed. A family-owned business, they have run the ...More
  • Hay & Shavings

    J&N Feed & Seed is please to provide quality hay and shavings to our community. We offer square ...More
  • Horse Feeds

    J&N Feed & Seed is proud to provide Purina Mills Feed. For more than one hundred years, Purina ...More
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  • Cattle Feeds

    Livestock Feed, Equipment, and Other Products from J&N Feed & Seed.More
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  • Bulk & Liquid Feed

    J&N Feed & Seed offers bulk & liquid feed (Cattle-Lac liquid feed) to the Graham and surrounding communities.  ...More
  • Small Animals

    Caring for your small animal is vital. J&N Feed & Seed carries a large selection of feeds for ...More
  • Tack

    J&N Feed & Seed offers a selection of tack and horse supplies to the Graham north west Texas ...More
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  • Show Feeds

    Do you or your child participate in 4H or FFA programs? Let us know! We carry a variety of specialty ...More
  • Farm & Ranch Supplies

  • Hardware

    We are more than a feed store!  You’ll find signs, canning supplies and hardware items such as latches, hinges, ...More
  • Exotic Animals

    Have exotic animals?  J&N Feed & Seed carries quality Mazuri feeds for your exotic pets.  Looking for a ...More
  • Garden Center

    J&N Feed & Seed offers a large variety of garden supplies, fertilizers, plants, and preventative care for your ...More
  • Wildlife Supplies

  • Contact Us

    Have a question or want to contact us?  Give us a call at (940) 549-4631 or send us an email below. ...More
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    Find video’s, timely articles and past newsletters. More
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    Links to local resources. Better Business Bureau All Seasons Feeders Sullivan Supply Gallagher Purina Atascosa Wildlife Supply Texas Deer Stands ...More
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    View Larger Map Address: J & N Feed & Seed 450 Pecan Street Graham, Texas 76450-2524 Phone: (940) 549-4631 Store Hours: Monday – F ...More