Your Guide to Choosing the Right Seed for Your Needs

fall seed

Fall is approaching fast and it’s that time of year again to start preparing for your next planting season. At J&N Feed & Seed, we’ve got you covered for all your fall seed needs. We carry over 40 types of seeds, including wheat, oats, barley, assorted ryegrass seeds such as Elbon and Marshall Rye, and additives such as chicory and buck plot mixes. We cater to all types of seeding needs, be it for livestock grazing, wildlife feed plots, or anything else. Not sure what you need? No worries, our experts are always here to help.

Determine What You Need
Before making any purchases, you need to determine what your needs are. You need to ask yourself questions like, what is the soil type in your area? What is the primary use of the land you are planning seed on? What kind of environment and weather conditions are prevalent in your area? Answering these questions is crucial in determining what kind of seed you need. For instance, Marshall rye is more resilient in extreme weather conditions than other types of ryegrass varieties, making it an ideal choice for colder or drier environments.

Choose the Right Type of Seed
After assessing what your needs are, you need to choose the right type of seed. Our seed collection is broad and diverse, so making the right choice is critical. Different types of seed types have different benefits, and that’s why it’s recommended to consult with our experts before making any purchases. For example, wheat is a versatile seed as it can be used for both grazing and hay purposes. Plus, it is hardy and can withstand harsher temperatures, making it ideal for colder climates.

Consider Additives
Sometimes you might have to combine seed types to best serve your needs. J&N Feed & Seed provides additives that can be used to enhance the productivity of your seed. Additives like chicory and buck plot mixes can help to attract deer and other wildlife to your land, making it a prime location for hunting.

Bagged and Bulk Fertilizers
After you’ve determined your seed needs, you need to prepare your soil for planting. Fertilizers are critical in ensuring that your soil has the right nutrients that your seeds need for growth. At J&N Feed and Seed, we provide bagged and bulk fertilizers, and we even offer free fertilizer buggies to assist in transporting your bulk fertilizer purchases.

Delivery Services
For customers who prefer delivery, we offer delivery services. Give us a call at (940) 549-4631.

Choosing the right seed for your needs is critical in ensuring that your planting season yields fruitful and productive results. That’s why it’s essential to consult our experts at J&N Feed & Seed before making any purchases. Our extensive seed collection, as well as our complementary fertilizers, and delivery services, put us at the forefront of providing excellent customer service and satisfaction. At J&N Feed & Seed, we’re dedicated to offering the very best products to our loyal customers, and we’ll continue to serve you, not only in the fall season but all year round.