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The Capsule Game Feeder

Friday, October 28th, 2016

capsule game feederIntroducing the Capsule Game Feeder, made right here in Texas and available at J&N Feed and Seed in Graham! No more balancing on the side of a pickup truck, lifting 50 lb bags of corn overhead,to fill your feeders!  And no more watching a pack of wild hogs slam into the legs of your old tripod feeder, spilling expensive corn!

 The Capsule Game Feeder’s patented design is much more convenient than traditional feeders. Since it sits on the ground, you don’t have to hassle with ladders and winches to refill it. Simply back up a truck to the feeder, drop the tailgate and fill it up. The unique auger system pulls feed upward and broadcasts it, so you have precise control over the feed volume. Comes with a 12-volt, 70mA solar panel; and a powerful 12-volt, 5.1-amp, permanent magnet DC motor. Made of UV-resistant, polyethylene plastic. 20-year manufacturer’s warranty. Batteries not included.

500 lb capacity and 1,000 lb capacity Capsule Game Feeders 

    • Sits on the ground for easy refilling
    • Up to six feed times a day
    • Includes solar panel and motor

Stop by J&N Feed and Seed in Graham, Texas for all your game feeders, ammo and hunting supplies.

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Nature Blinds Treefeeder

Wednesday, October 19th, 2016

Nature Blinds TreefeederThe most realistic-looking wildlife feeder on the market is the Nature Blinds Treefeeder and they’re available at J&N Feed and Seed. More than a stump in a field, the TreeFeeder™ by Nature Blinds, holds 200 pounds of corn and propels corn or other feed up to 20 yards.

TreeFeeders aren’t just for deer. Set it up on the shore and use it to feed your fish, bring in the birds, or give your game a protein boost.

A great companion to our TreeBlind™, the TreeFeeder™ is a durable, easy-to-use feeder with a realistic bark texture design that blends into the natural surroundings.


  • Integrated Solar Battery Charger
  • Shoots Feed Over 20 Yards
  • Realistic Bark Texture
  • Optional Remote
  • Can Be Used With Corn, Bird or Fish Feed, or Your Favorite Attractant


Height – 44″, Bottom Diameter – 34″, Weight – 88 lbs

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