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BB2™ Granular from Big & J

Thursday, September 26th, 2013

Big & JAttractants are only as good as the distance deer can smell them. BB2™ Granular from Big & J is a long range attractant. BB2™ Granular utilizes a proprietary refining process to make a nutrient–rich, protein–based formula that has an intense aroma that will attract more deer from further away. This allows you to compete with neighbors who have food plots and bait sites. Deer crave the nutrient–rich formula so they keep coming back. And, the protein promotes antler growth. BB2™ also comes in handy during preseason to establish travel patterns and acclimate deer to your area, as well as during the season to attract deer to your property and/or stand site. It’s also ideal for attracting deer to camera sites.

BB2™ is available in 40 lb bag or a 25-pound attraction block. Stop by J&N Feed and Seed and pick up all your feeding supplies.

Five Steps for Winterizing Your Lawn

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

leaves rakeFive Steps for Winterizing Your Lawn

Caring for your yard is a year-round process. Before winter weather sets in it is important to prepare your yard. Fall maintenance will help to build up the plant’s tolerance to the coming temperature fluctuations by storing crucial nutrients. This will ensure a healthy lush yard the following spring. Follow these easy steps as you winterize your lawn and you’ll reap the benefits of a healthier lawn in the spring.

1. Reseed any bare areas as needed. Grass roots grow well in the fall, and you’ll find grass filling in during the spring rather than weeds.

2. Fertilize with a product to feed your lawn with Nitrogen and Potassium. These nutrients help plants increase resistance to damaging diseases.

3. Fall aeration is often overlooked but is very important. This process breaks up excess thatch (a loose layer of dead and living shoots and stems) and helps the soil receive additional sunlight and air and promotes root stimulation.

4. Rake and remove large piles of leaves that cannot be mulched back into your lawn by mowing. Debris on your lawn will leave it prone to disease organisms because of the moisture that lingers.

5. Mowing your lawn too short in the autumn is just as harmful as it is in the heat of the summer. Raise your mowing height to approximately one inch and leave the clippings on the ground as a sort of mulch. This will protect the delicate crowns of the grass blades and provide additional nutrients.

Brazos Walking Sticks

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

brazoswalkingsticksJ&N Feed and Seed is proud to carry a wide variety of handmade walking sticks by Brazos. Each Brazos walking stick is individually crafted from the finest woods including sassafras, hickory, sweet gum, iron bamboo, and many other exotic and native trees. Each walking stick is handcrafted by artisan craftsmen in Central Texas not far from the Brazos River.  Made in the USA and made in Texas!

Texas Hunter Education Changes

Thursday, September 19th, 2013

huntingThe changes to the Texas Hunter Education program are now in effect. A shorter Basic Course has been added and an Online Course for Complete Certification. Check out their website for details.

10 tips for your hunting dog

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013

S1-EK9-Work_and_Sport-field_trial_dogs-183Now is the time to get your dog ready for hunting season!  Dove season has already started, and duck season is around the corner.  Start working with your dog now to refresh those hunting skills for a great start.

Ducks Unlimited offers up the following tips for you and your dog to start working on:

1. Obedience With a Twist

2. Steadying to Shot

3. Marking

4. Lining

5. Handling

6. Get Birdy

7. Be Cool

8. Land-Water-Land

9. Go Boating

10. Meeting Mr. Decoy

You can read the full article and tips on the Ducks Unlimited website.

Fall fertilizing

Thursday, September 12th, 2013

FL-For-All-Seasons-Lawn-Food-10914Now is the time to apply pre-emergent and winterize your lawns.  We provide a variety of products to help with this including Fertilome and Hi-Yield products.

If you are looking for pre-emergents try Fertilome All Seasons 16-0-8.  Apply in early spring or fall 2 to 3 weeks prior to seed germination to obtain control of grassy and broadleaf weeds.

For use on warm and cool season grasses.

Controls Henbit, Oxalis, Poa Annua, Chickweed, Crabgrass, Foxtail, Purslane, Shepherd’s Purse, Prostrate Spurge, Knotweed and others listed on label.

Coverage: 5,000 sq. ft.
For best results, application should be followed by 1/2 inch of rainfall or irrigation.




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