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Shop Graham First Holiday Shopping Spree

Thursday, October 31st, 2019
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Shop Graham First Holiday Shopping SpreeThe 8th Annual Shop Graham First Holiday Shopping Spree event is here! Have you heard of this great program called Holiday Shopping Spree right here in Graham?   Sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce and Shop Graham First, Holiday Shopping Spree encourages patronage to local stores and businesses in Graham.  This year the contest runs November 29th through December 20, 2019, and has over $7,000 in prizes up for grabs. This fun, holiday event kicks off at 2:00 pm at Jailhouse Boutique, inside the Jailhouse Pharmacy.

J&N Feed & Seed is a participating retailer.  Stop by and pick up your Holiday Shopping Spree card today and start shopping in Graham!

Shoppers are responsible for turning in cards to the Chamber of Commerce. Questions? Call the Graham Chamber of Commerce at 940-549-3355.

J&N Feed and Seed is a proud member of the Graham Chamber of Commerce and a proud participant of the 8th Annual Shop Graham First Holiday Shopping Spree.



Beekeeping Supplies From Little Giants

Tuesday, April 30th, 2019

Beekeeping Supplies from Little Giants are available at select J&N Feed and Seed.

If you can start a garden, you can raise bees and we can help! Considering all the buzz about beekeeping right now, you might be thinking of jumping in and starting your own hive. As you would when with bringing a new animal to your farm or home, it can be tough to know whether you’ll eventually regret your decision addition or celebrate it. So with this mind, what does it take to keep bees? Before you jump into beekeeping, here are a few points to consider: the right questions to ask, the equipment you’ll need and, finally, how to choose the right bees.

Should you keep bees?

Check your local ordinances for keeping bees to make sure there are no restrictions in your area for beekeeping. Obviously, bees should be kept away from outdoor areas frequented for outdoor activity or recreation. Also, make sure you and your family members or anyone who would be living near the bees does not have any known allergic reactions to bee stings. This issue alone is probably the deal breaker if you or a family member have any reactions to insect stings.

Why Keep Bees?

Of course, collecting honey the bees produce is the obvious goal, but there’s a little more to beekeeping than producing honey. Beekeeping is good for your garden and crops, too. They help pollinate vegetables and flowers and may help your yields.

Honey, honeybees, beeswax and other bee-related products like propolis tincture and beeswax-based beauty products can be a great supplement to a homestead or farm income and can even form the basis of your farm’s business. Many small farmers find bees to be a rewarding and productive means of income. Beekeeping may qualify for an agricultural exemption on property taxes under Arkansas law. To learn more about beekeeping in Texas, go to the Texas Beekeepers Association website here.

Little Giant Beekeeping Supplies are available at J&N Feed and Seed in Graham, Texas.

Purina True Choice Poultry Feed

Tuesday, April 30th, 2019

Purina True Choice Poultry Feed is now available at J&N Feed and Seed.  True Choice layer pellets, crumbles and starter/grower feed is a budget-friendly alternative to our premium line of poultry feed. It provides complete nutrition for broilers and layers, with no cheap fillers or by-products!

  • Layer 16 Crumble 
  • Layer 16 Pellet
  • Poultry Starter/Grower 18 Crumbles

If your flock is ready to make the switch to layer feed, give Purina True Choice 16% Layer Pellet or Crumble a try. Layer feeds are designed to provide optimum nutrition for birds laying eggs for consumption. Layer feeds contain 16% protein and has increased levels of Calcium, for proper shell development. Not sure when to start your girls on layer feed? Layer feeds should be fed starting around 18-20 weeks of age, or when the first egg is laid, whichever comes first.

Guaranteed Analysis: Layer 16

  • Crude Protein (MIN) 16%
  • Lysine (MIN) 0.70%
  • Methionine (MIN) .30%
  • Crude Fat (MIN) 1.50%
  • Crude Fiber (MAX) 10.00%
  • Calcium (MIN) 3.50% (MAX) 4.50%
  • Phosphorus (MIN) 0.40%
  • Salt (MIN) 0.15% (MAX) .65%
  • Phytase* (A.Oryzae)(MIN) 227 FYT/lb

Guaranteed Analysis: Grower 18

  • Crude Protein (MIN) 18%
  • Lysine (MIN) 0.90%
  • Methionine (MIN) .33%
  • Crude Fat (MIN) 2.50%
  • Crude Fiber (MAX) 7.00%
  • Calcium (MIN) .75% (MAX) 1.25%
  • Phosphorus (MIN) 0.50%
  • Salt (MIN) 0.15% (MAX) .75%
  • Phytase* (A.Oryzae)(MIN) 227 FYT/lb

Workhorse Spot Sprayers

Tuesday, April 30th, 2019

Workhorse Spot SprayersKeep your lawn or fields looking great with our full line of Workhorse Spot Sprayers from J & N Feed. Offering sprayers from 5 gallons to 40 gallons, Workhorse Spot Sprayers provide high-quality spray setups for lawns, gardens, driveways, ponds, orchards, pastures, fence rows, and food plots.

Green Leaf equipped this sprayer with a sturdy polyethylene tank. A large fill opening means less chance of spilling your expensive solutions. The PowerFlo™ 2200-Series pump allows for pressure adjustments from 0 to 60 PSI. Maximum PSI products a strong stream of up to 30 feet at 2 gallons per minute!

Workhorse Spot Sprayers include a pistol-grip handgun. It’s outfitted this with a 15-foot hose and an adjustable brass tip. An 8-foot wiring harness includes battery clips and switch. They also equipped this sprayer with an inline shut-off for a quick on/off spray.

Easily turn your ATV or trailer into a sprayer vehicle with the WorkHorse Boom Kit.


All Season Feeders BBQ Pits & Fire Pits

Monday, April 29th, 2019

All Season Feeders BBQ

Pick up All Season Feeders BBQ grills and fire pits at J&N Feed and Seed.  All Season Feeders BBQ grills and fire pits are available in three different sizes and we’ve got ’em here at the store.

Gear up for cooler weather with an All Seasons Feeders BBQ Fire Pit from J&N Feed and Seed. These ones of a kind BBQ grills and fire pits can be a grill one minute and a cozy fire pit the next. More versatile than you standard grill.

All Season Feeders is a brand synonymous with quality wildlife feeders. The same quality and attention go into making their All Season BBQ Grills and BBQ Fire pits. Made right here in Texas, these grills are built to last. Made by Texans, for Texans.  Stop by J&N Feed and Seed and take a look at these one of a kind BBQ Grills and BBQ Fire Pits.  Whether your cooking for a family of 4 or for a group of 50, there’s an All Seasons BBQ Fire Pit to fit your needs. Need a different model? No problem! Ask us about a special order.

28″ Star & Scroll Cross Theme Fire Pit – Dual purpose,  grill up some steaks, or use as a toe warmer!

24″ x 20″ BBQ Grill (556 sq inches cooking space)

48″x 20″ BBQ Grill  (1,112 sq inches cooking space)

24″ X 20″ BBQ  & Smoker (optional Fire Box) 

48″ X 20″ BBQ & Smoker w/Firebox  (2,457 sq inches of cooking space)


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100lb D.A.M. Fish Feeder From All Season Feeders

Thursday, April 4th, 2019

Have you heard about the new, 100 lb fish feeder from All Seasons Feeders? ASF is proud to introduce our new 100lb D.A.M. Fish Feeder, and we’ve got them in-stock at J&N Feed and Seed in Graham, Texas. This Directional Aquatic Management (D.A.M.) feeder is perfect for feeding fish from the pier or pond dam or can be used as a directional corn feeder. It comes with our new Directional Air Drive unit the can blow fish feed up to 60+ feet. The base of the feeder comes with skids for easy mounting to a dock, or it can be staked down to the side of your pond dam. Feeder base tilts up to 45˙ to accommodate the slope of your pond dam. Holds 100 lbs of fish feed. Corn can be used in the unit as well. Comes with ASF Timer, 12v battery, and 12v solar panel.


  • Easy adjust 45-degree tilt for pond dam slope adjustment
  • Multiple setting for distance adjustment
  • Fish feed approx. distance (L-40’, M-50’,H-60’)
  • Corn approx. distance (L-50’, M-60’,H-70’+)
  • Easy to fill at 45” tall
  • Varmint proof
  • 100% Heavy duty galvanized construction
  • 1/8” Galvanized skid stand
  • Base measures 32″x 32″
  • Holes on skids for mounting to dock or dam

• 12v Directional Air Drive Unit
• The Timer
• 12v Battery
• 12v Solar

Pick Up Spring Chicks In April

Monday, March 25th, 2019



Spring chicks arrive at J&N Feed and Seed on April 3rd and April 10th. All chicks are pullets and sell for $2.85 each.

April 3rd chick breeds:

  • Rhode Island Reds
  • Buff Orphingtons

April 10th chick breeds:

  • Red Sex Links
  • Barred Rocks

Looking for a different breed of chicks? We can help. Stop by and special order chicks with us. Get all your baby chick and chicken supplies at J&N Feed and Seed! We have chicken feed, feeders, fencing, waterers, heat lamps and more!


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