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Starting Fall Seeds

Saturday, June 14th, 2014

Germinating_tomatosIt may seem early but now is the time to start thinking of starting fall tomatoes and peppers from seed. July 15th is the start date to plant fall tomatoes. It takes 5-6 weeks to get them germinated and mature enough before you can plant them in the garden. The keys are good loose planting mix, consistent moisture and temperatures. The hard part is keeping the planted seeds in the 75 – 85 Fahrenheit range.

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Proper Application of Herbicides

Saturday, June 14th, 2014

Chapin-Lawn-SprayerThe application of herbicides (plant killers) can be as damaging as it is beneficial, depending on the method of application. The goal is to apply a properly mixed solution on the proper plant and to avoid damage to other plants. It is all about control of the product. Whether you are applying a synthetic or an all-natural, for us homeowners, the pump-up sprayer is the tool of choice. Products have been developed to replace the pump-up sprayer but none have passed the test of time. The hose-end sprayers are ok for fungicides and fertilizers but they are to susceptible to wind drift and non-targeted plants may be damaged or killed. Pick up a sprayer at our store.

Looking for a more precise method? After reading the directions, mix up your herbicide. Put on a new (no holes) dish washing glove. Put on a cotton glove over the dish glove. Dip your gloved hand in the mixed solution and wipe the offending plant. You can substitute a paint brush for the glove method. Yes, it will take longer before you’re completed but consider it quality time with the lawn.

Tips For Watering Your Trees

Saturday, June 14th, 2014

6189571988_e98074bdd0_zWith the start of summer just around the corner everyone always thinks of shade. Trees have been going through some tough times with the continuing drought and this summer will be no different. Proper watering of established trees is essential if they are going to survive another dry, hot summer. Even if there are water restrictions in your area, you can help your trees out with mindful watering.

One of the first signs of lack of water is a dry / burned area around the outer edge of the leaf. This is called marginal leaf burn and should not be ignored. It indicates that the tree needs more water. If you find this type of damage, don’t just turn the hose on for a day. If you have a sprinkler system double check the heads around the tree. Add more heads if needed or redirect the heads you have. For those who water by hand, watering in the morning is preferred over evening watering.

The other side of this stress is too much water. Water logged soil displaces oxygen around the root system and the tree will slowly drown. When trees are stressed they are more susceptible to insects and disease damage. The bottom line is to keep the tree properly watered.

8 Questions To Ask Before Taking Pets On Vacation

Saturday, June 14th, 2014

Blue beach umbrellaFor many, summer means vacations. When you are single and live alone, you can be ready at a moment’s notice. Throw in a dog or two, and you have some serious considerations to mull over before you even think of packing.

Even when you have a family, planning for a vacation becomes more complicated when you share your life with a dog. Should you leave him at a kennel? For many, that is out of the question. The indecision causes quite a few dog owners to bring their dog with them. It is not any easy decision no matter which way you decide.

However, there are some questions to ask yourself before you commit to answering the ultimate summertime question of pet owners: should you bring your dog on vacation?

  1. Does your dog adapt well to new situations? If not, your fun trip may quickly escalate into a bad memory.
  2. Do you have a responsible friend or relative who would enjoy taking your dog while you’re gone? If so, that’s always the safest bet!
  3. How active is your dog? If you have a dog who requires a lot of activity, a vacation inside a hotel might be anything but fun for your pup.
  4. Is your destination pet friendly? Many hotels allow pets but it’s certainly not the majority. Check ahead to see what they offer.
  5. How much time will you spend in places where you can’t take your dog? Will you spend the majority of your time at a beach house or in the woods where your dog can accompany you or will you be spending hours on long lines for sightseeing tours, rides, and attractions?
  6. Is your dog old? A sunny getaway may not be pleasant for an older dog who would prefer to just lay around in air-conditioning.
  7. Does your dog love being in the sun and soaking up the summer? Or is does she get easily winded or overheated when the temps go up? If you have a breed that has special temperature concerns, it is probably best for your dog to stay home in a cool place than traipse after the family on vacation.
  8. Have you explored non-traditional boarding? Look for services that set up owners and host families for a fee, like a kennel.If your dog loves people and new situations, a five star boarding experience just might prove more enjoyable than a five star hotel.

Source: Babble/Danielle Sullivan


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