Texas Hunter Education: The Simple Way to Avoid a Ticket

Texas Hunter EducationReceiving a ticket during a hunting trip is not fun. The number one reason a hunter will receive a ticket is because he or she lacks proof of Texas hunter education. Every hunter, born on or after Sept. 2, 1971, must successfully complete hunter education and carry proof while hunting. If you can’t locate your card, go online and print a duplicate at no charge.

Over 1 million Texans have completed hunter education and the field is a MUCH safer place to be because of it. Speaking of safety, check out this short video of firearm safety tips every hunter should know.

You can take hunter education online or in a classroom, in English or in Spanish. Everyone who hunts with you will feel (and be) safer if you do. Then keep the proof in your pocket and avoid that ticket.

Published courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife Department