Summer Horsemanship School Program

Texas-A&M-Agrilife-logoRegistration is now open for the Texas A&M AgriLife Summer Horsemanship School Program, June 3-4, 2015, at the Young County Arena!  Call the extension office at 940-549-0737 to sign up and reserve your spot in the clinic! Youth, parents, and volunteer leaders are all welcome to join in the fun of riding your own horse, enjoying good fellowship with like-minded people, and learning from the Aggie instructors.

Participants receive instruction on basic, intermediate, and advanced horseman- ship skills and maneuvers and have the opportunity to practice them with guided instruction. Topics include the following  maneuvers: rein aids, lateral movement (hip-in,  side-pass, and two-track), collection, stopping, backing, rollbacks, turn- arounds (spins), speed control, simple lead changes, and flying  lead changes, along  with  other  specialized events, short, interactive lectures, and  games

Over the past 42 years, the program has reached 47,522 youth, parents, and volunteer leaders.  A total of 1,362 schools have been conducted, and there have been 240 different college students who have served as instructors in the program.