Stop Animal Damage with Rodent Stopper

rodent stopperStop animal damage with Rodent Stopper from Messina Wildlife. Rodent Stopper is an effective, pleasant smelling, liquid rodent repellent for use indoors and outdoors on all surfaces to prevent damage, feeding and entry by mice, rats and other rodents. One bottle covers 1, 000 square feet and should be applied every 30 days. Rodent Stopper dries clear and odor-free in about 20 minutes and will not wash off after a heavy rain. Spray around building structures, directly to burrows or even on garbage cans and storage areas to prevent animal intrusion. Spray Rodent Stopper on wires to keep the little varmints from chewing through.

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed!
  • Pleasant to use formula!
  • Lasts for 30 days, regardless of weather including rain!
  • For mice and rats!
  • For use indoor and outside

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