Sprinkler System Replacement Parts

Sprinker system repair parts at J&N Feed and Seed in Graham, Texas. Come see us for sprinkler system replacement parts. Have you have found a problem with your sprinkler system? A wet spot, a zone that doesn’t turn on,  water shooting straight up? Or your sprinkler system is simply not working like it used to? Then come see us at J&N Feed & Seed. We offer a good selection of sprinkler system replacement parts to get your sprinkler system up, running, and in good working order.

Before your neighbor has to be the one to tell you that water is shooting up in the air, do a check on your sprinkler system.

Turn on your sprinklers and take a walk around your yard.

  • Be sure sprinklers are aimed at watering grass, not concrete.
  • Adjust spray heads. On top of each spray-type nozzle is a small adjustment screw. Turn the adjustment screw to adjust each of your spray-type sprinklers so that they don’t spray onto sidewalks or walls.
  • Check the irrigation clock to make sure it has been reset and the timer is. Most folks tend to overwater because the clocks have not been checked since the day they were installed. Think about taking five minutes to make sure your clock operates properly. Be sure your clock is set to water before 10 am and after 7 pm.
  • Clean clogged sprinkler heads if water is not flowing evenly. These can easily become clogged with dirt over the winter months when not in use.
  • Replace broken or cracked sprinkler heads. This is where water is very quickly wasted! Here is a simple do-it-yourself guide.

Stop by J&N Feed & Seed. We have sprinkler heads and everything you need to get your watering system, hoses, and lawn in tip-top shape!