Snake Snare 100 Ft. Snake Trap

Snake Snare by Eve's Revenge at J&N Feed in Graham, Texas.Eve’s Revenge Snake Snare is a simple long-lasting outdoor snake control solution that is more thorough, and outdoes other methods of control like mothballs, spray repellents, and other ground-trapping systems. Similar to the childhood toy, Chinese handcuffs, this Snake Snare entangles and incapacitates via its filtration effect to trap snakes that try to penetrate this barrier into your home or property. Applications include playgrounds, construction sites, natural disaster containment, and humane control of displaced wildlife. With Eve’s Revenge Snake Snare, you don’t have to just hope that the mothballs and other repellents are working like they should stop snakes before they make it anywhere close to you.

Catches and entangles most snakes found in Texas!

  • 2 different sizes of netting that ENTRAPS and won’t let go!
  • Protect your home, kids, and pets!
  • Proven results that stop the problem and not only repels which saves you money
  • Made from materials sourced from US-based companies
  • Perfect for residential and commercial applications
  • Filtration effect acts as a barrier to entangle snakes

If you are ready to reclaim your yard as a safe place, pick up a Snake Snare from J&N Feed and Seed and get rid of snakes with an effective snake traps installation!