Snake Boots & Snake Guards

snake bootsProtect yourself from venomous snake bites with snake boots and snake guards from J&N Feed and Seed. The spring and summer months bring an increase in outdoor activities and the end of hibernation for rattlesnakes. As snakes begin to emerge and leave their dens, until their return during cooler fall weather, this movement and activity increase the incidence of snake bites. Of the 27 species of rattlesnakes in the United States, 11 are found in Texas.

Protect yourself from rattlesnake strikes with snake boots and wrap around snake guards from J&N.

Pursuit Snake Proof Boots by  MUCK® – For protection against rattlesnake strikes, this tough exterior is layered with a durable full rubber coating along with 4mm of neoprene while MUCK®Boots’ exclusive XpressCool™ fabric lining keeps a hunter’s feet cool and comfortable in warmer weather. The end result is a briar resistant durable boot, that’s cool enough to confidently hunt in warm regions of the country where snakes often pose a threat.

Chippewa Snake Boots – stylish yet constructed to withstand the strikes of venomous snakes thanks to the combination of lining and outside leather thickness.