Pro Equine Ultra Sport Boots

IMG_0959J&N Feed and Seed proudly stocks Pro Equine Ultra Sport Boots.  The New Ultra SportTM Boots are The New Standard of support, performance, and protection. When compared to the competition, the Ultra SportTM Boots offer these additional features:

* Our best selling model, is available in more sizes and colors than our other styles

*Patented Sling Technology uses the entire boot for increased support to tendons and ligaments

*Aggressive EverGrip closures maximize the life of the Ultra SportTM Boots.
* NEW lycra bound edges create a clean, sleek look while preventing the buildup of arena dirt and debris inside the boot.
* Layers laminated together to create one body, which allows for quicker positioning and application of the boot as well as easier cleaning.
* The inner lining is cut to match the outer shell so the edges won’t roll under and cause irritation.  Streamlined fit reduces excess bulk.

Ultra Sport Boots   Sold as Pair

                                    Small        Medium       Large

Height                          10″                10 1/4″      10 5/8″

Width                           10″                10 1/2″      11 1/2″