Prickly Pear Control With Surmount

prickly pearPrickly pear and other species of cacti may interfere with movement and handling of livestock and with forage utilization, cause serious livestock health problems, and compete with desirable forage plants. These plants are extremely tolerant of drought and harsh conditions and left alone can increase by about 33% per year.

J&N Feed and Seed stocks Surmount, a premium herbicide for the control of prickly pear and other cacti. Surmount® herbicide by Dow AgroScience provides premium pricklypear control and non-2,4-D weed control.

• Premier prickly pear and cholla cactus control
• Absorbed through roots, foliage and stems
• Gentle to desirable grasses while controlling a broad spectrum of weeds – the best choice for kochia control.
• Pre-emergence and soil residual activity controls weeds that emerge after application

Surmount herbicide also controls many other tree, brush and cactus species, including locust, rose, blackberry and Chinese tallowtree. Weeds controlled include thistles, horsenettle, ironweed, ragweed, kochia and many others. Surmount should be applied when leaves of woody species are fully expanded for optimum control. Cactus species in the southern United States are best controlled when Surmount is applied in the fall.

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