Fire It Up Truck Roping Comes to Town

FireItupFire It Up Productions presents Truck Roping at the Young County Arena on April 5-6, 2014 with $80,000 in cash and prizes guaranteed for the weekend! New Ram Crew-Cab Dually Diesel to the high point roper.

#7 Saddle Roping
Saturday, April 5th books open at 8:00 am and roping at 9:30 am

#8 Truck Roping – Capped at an Elite #4
Saturday, April 5 & Sunday, April 6th – Books open at 11:00 am Saturday, Sunday 9:00 am start time.

Young County Arena
120 Barclay Blvd.
Graham, TX 75450

For more information contact Kevin Blackwell (903) 721-0303.
Entry details can be found here.




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