DynaTrap Flying Insect Traps Now at J&N

Trap flying insects with DynaTrap, flying insect traps, now at J&N Feed and Seed. DynaTrap is the safe, silent, and simple way to safeguard your living space from mosquitoes and more by trapping insects without the use of chemicals. Our indoor & outdoor mosquito traps handle the toughest flying pests. Just plug DynaTrap into a standard outlet. The AtraktaGlo light lures in flies and other insects, and they are quickly and discreetly trapped by the replaceable StickyTech Gule Card. Safe for use in the kitchen, bath, office, garage and of course outdoors. We’ve got sizes that cover 1/4 acre all the way up to full acreage coverage. Stop by J&N Feed and Seed and see which size is right for you.


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April 2024
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