Bio LG Supplement Addition to Purina AntlerMax Deer 20

Antlermax with Bio Lg SupplementWhether you raise deer professionally or are a hobbyist looking to attract more wildlife to your property, you know the importance of quality feed. That’s why J&N Feed and Seed. is excited to announce the availability of Purina AntlerMax Deer 20 with Climate Guard and Bio LG Supplement. Let’s explore what makes this new product so great.

Purina AntlerMax Deer 20 with Climate Guard offers an optimal blend of nutrition for deer in any climate. The special coating on each pellet helps protect it from extreme weather conditions, ensuring it remains palatable for the deer no matter how hot or cold it gets. It also contains a high-protein ration to help promote antler growth and healthy body condition throughout the year.

The Bio LG Supplement Offers More Benefits
In addition to offering optimal nutrition, Purina AntlerMax Deer 20 with Climate Guard also comes with the unique Bio LG supplement included in each bag. This supplement is formulated using natural ingredients that provide numerous benefits like improved digestive efficiency, enhanced nutrient absorption, and better overall health for your deer herd—all without any added hormones or antibiotics! Not only does Bio LG help ensure maximum nutrition delivery, but it also helps reduce waste by making sure that every bite counts—so you get more bang for your buck out of every bag of feed!

Improve Your Deer Herd’s Health Today
No matter what region you live in, Purina AntlerMax Deer 20 with Climate Guard and Bio LG Supplement can help improve the health of your deer herd. Stop by J&N Feed & Seed in Graham, Texas today to pick up a bag and start seeing results right away!