Anaplasmosis Blocks For Beef Cattle

Anaplasmosis BlocksAnaplasmosis Blocks for beef cattle are now available at J&N Feed and Seed.

Anaplasmosis  is a tick-borne, infectious disease of cattle that causes destruction of red blood cells.  The disease is caused by a minute parasite, Anaplasma marginale , found in the red blood cells of infected cattle. It can be transmitted from infected animals to healthy animals by
insects or by surgical instruments.

To help prevent the spread of anaplasmosis, we carry  free choice Anaplasmosis Blocks that aids in the control of active infection of anaplasmosis.  Use on beef and non-lactating dairy cattle over 700 pounds.

  • Aids in the control of active infection of anaplasmosis caused by Anaplasmosis marginale susceptible to chlortetracycline
  • Convenient, self-fed daily delivery of Aureomycin®
  • Highly palatable block consistently draws grazing cattle
  • More consistent consumption than salt-based blocks
  • Delivers supplemental protein and energy
  • Contains essential minerals and vitamins
  • Requires less labor than medicated feeds
  • Do not require costly feeders or bunks