Non-GMO Layer Crumbles Are Here

Texas Natural Feedslogo200new18% Elite Formula Layer Crumbles by Texas Natural Feeds are now available at J&N Feed and Seed in Graham, Texas.

Texas Natural Feeds Elite Layer Formula is made of Non-Soy, Non-GMO ingredients combined with Fertrell Nutri-Balancer and Redmond Salt make great product for the conscientious poultry owner. We use peanut meal, sorghum grain, oats, brewer’s yeast, fishmeal, probiotics, diatomaceous earth and a vitamin/mineral premix with results in a 50% increase in vitamin content over standard commercially grown feed.  All Texas Natural Feeds are Non-Soy, Non-GMO, Non-Medicated Feeds Commercially grown and custom blended right here in Texas.

18% Elite Formula Layer Pellets is a feed for laying chickens. Made from peanut meal, milo, oats, fishmeal, organic alfalfa meal, organic kelp meal Redmond’s salt and Fertrell’s Nutri-Balancer.  All ingredients are Non-Soy, Non-GMO. Click here for a complete list of ingredients.

 Feeding Directions: Feed at a rate of 2% of body weight per head per day. Feed this feed and oyster shell as the sole ration from time first egg is laid throughout egg production. Always provide clean fresh water.